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StreamLine TV

StreamLine Mic



Inductive Charger II

Pure Charge&Go X
Pure 312 X
Styletto Connect A
Styletto B
Pure 10 Nx
Pure 312 Nx C
Pure 13 Nx C
Pure Charge&Go Nx C D
Motion 13 Nx C
Motion 13P Nx C
Motion Charge&Go Nx C D
Silk Nx E
Insio Nx G,H F F
Ace primax
Pure primax I,J I,K
Cellion primax J,L D
Carat primax J
Motion SP primax I,J
Motion P primax I,J
Motion SX primax I,J I,K
Motion SA primax I,J
Motion S primax
Silk primax I,J
Insio primax I,J
Intuis 3
Intuis 3 RIC 312

A) Compatible with Styletto Connect charging case
B) Compatible with Styletto charging case
C) Compatible with CROS Pure 312 Nx or CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx
D) Compatible with the Pure Charge&Go/Motion Charge&Go/Cellion charger
E) Compatible with CROS Silk Nx.
F) Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Insio Nx ITC/ITE
G) Insio Nx IIC and CIC are compatible with CROS Silk Nx
H) Bluetooth-enabled Insio Nx ITC and ITE are compatible with CROS Pure 312 Nx or CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx
I) Not available with 2px/1px
J) Compatible with CROS Pure
K) Compatible with Connexx Smart Power and Smart Charger
L) Not available with 2px